Automotive Passenger Car Fuse Box Diagrams

Electricity should not exceed certain indicators, so as not to cause burnout of wires and microcircuits with their further failure. The consequences of a small circuit in one of the nodes of the car are a possible fire of the entire vehicle, and expensive repairs. Therefore, fuses were invented - inexpensive and easily burned out elements that are specially built into the electrical circuit so that they instantly interrupt it at the slightest excess of the permissible current values.

Each electrical unit in a car needs only a certain, predetermined amount of Amps. According to this current consumption (indicated in amperes), the corresponding wire section is set. If the current consumption in the electrical circuit exceeds the allowable parameter, for example, when connecting an additional consumer or as a result of a short circuit, then the car wire overheats. And if the current supply is not interrupted in a timely manner, the wiring may catch fire.

The website is an online catalog of fuse and relay box diagrams.

These materials will be useful to all motorists. Here you will learn where the fuses are located and what they are responsible for, as well as how to change them correctly. Thanks to the decoding of the blocks, you can easily understand which element is responsible for the radio, and which for the cigarette lighter or fuel pump. You will find all this on our website.

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